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Reduce Your Water Bill 30%-70% with a Soil Moisture Sensor from EcoFriendly Irrigation!

EcoFriendly Irrigation is a full service irrigation company based in Cincinnati, Ohio specializing in retrofitting existing sprinkler systems to conserve irrigation water usage while promoting healthy landscapes. As a full service sprinkler company we also offer water efficient irrigation system designs, installation, and repair to keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful.

Available services provided by your EcoFriendly sprinkler company

                    Soil Moisture Sensor Installation

                   Rain Sensor Installation

                    Water Saving Retrofits

                    Leak Repair

                    Sprinkler Replacement & Repair

                   Irrigation System Installation

                   Sprinkler System Start Up Service

                   Mid-season System Check

                    System Winterizing

                   Irrigation Consultation

                   Irrigation System Design

                    System Evaluations

We are the irrigation company to call for water conservation. A retrofit to your existing irrigation system with a soil moisture sensor could save 30% - 70% on the cost of irrigating landscapes and lawns because the sprinkler system only waters your lawn and garden when the soil really needs it. Call today to see how we can help you conserve water, energy, and save on water bills.

EcoFriendly Irrigation serves the Greater Cincinnati area including Miamiville, Terrace Park, Mason, Fairfield, Amelia, Montgomery, West Chester, Glendale, and Dayton; Northern Kentucky including Bellevue, Ft Thomas, Covington, and Florence; and Indiana. Please
contact the EcoFriendly Irrigation Company for a free quote or to schedule an appointment today!


Residential Properties

Commercial Properties
Colleges and Universities
Office Buildings
Parks and Recreation
Strip Malls
phone: 513.560.8749
email: link@ecofriendlyirrigation.com
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